Strategy + Technology

Political candidates win when they make meaningful connections with their voters. We approach political campaigning differently. Instead of using technology to blast a candidate's message, we use it to listen and learn what topics are important to each individual voter.


By using big data analysis and machine learning, we're able to systematically deliver the right message to the right voter. As we gain deeper insights on each voter, we're able to know exactly what drives them to action. We then send tailored messaging through a combination of print, email and social media to ensure their support on election day. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing blasts.

Our approach is different. We tailor our messaging from what we learn.


Our Services. Each candidate and campaign are unique, but our approach and commitment to you remains the same. We limit our client base to ensure excellent communication and results.



Understanding your voter base is our primary focus. We regularly update you with our latest findings so you focus on the topics and tactics that matter.



We partner with design agencies that help create personalized marketing materials that both stand out and drive action.



We handle all the heavy lifting - from creating and delivering dynamic content to analyzing voter responses for trends and insights. This frees you to focus on making connections, not troubleshooting technology bugs.

Win Your Election

Speak to voters on their terms. It's the candidates that make meaningful connections that win.